• Metal construction in sheet steel, galvanized or stainless less.
  • Maximum mixure homogeneity.
  • Used for cereals, flours, minerals, biomass, etc.
  • No risk of damaging the product.
  • Long durability.
  • Power adapted according to materials.
  • Optimum mixing time according to materials.
  • Available with double helix rotor mixer, blades, plows or others.
  • Quick unloading through swing gates or other system.
  • Upper and lower inspection boxes.
  • Built in compression system in some models.
  • Transmission by Motor-reducer.
  • Optional system for adding liquids.
  • Optional heating or cooling chamber.
  • Temperature and rotation sensors.
  • Optional ATEX: Ex h IIIA T135 Dc compliant.


  • MZH – Propellor mixer.
  • MZP – Shovel / plow mixer.
  • MZD – Double shaft mixer.
  • MZA – Plow Mixer.